Payasam is a South Indian creamy pudding, made with cashews and raisins.

– 3/4 cup semiya or vermicelli
– 3 1/2 cups milk
– 1/8 tsp green cardamom powder
– 1 tbsp ghee
– Sugar, to taste
– Cashews
– Raisins

Cooking Instructions:
1. Heat up ghee in a pot.
2. Add cashews and fry until golden.
3. Add raisins and saute for a minute. Keep these aside for garnish.
4. Boil the milk.
5. Add the vermicelli and cook until done.
6. Add sugar. Cook for another 3 to 5 minutes.
7. Add cardamom powder.
8. Turn off when the payasam reaches a desired consistency.
9. Garnish payasam with fried nuts and raisins.
10. Serve hot or chilled as desired.