Beshbarmak is a national Kazakh dish made of dough and meat. It’s name means “five fingers”, because it’s usually eaten only with hands. In Kazakhstan, beshbarmak is usually cooked on special occasions.

– 1 kg Lamb
– 500 g Beshbarmak noodles
– 4 Onions
– 1 Carrot
– Spices and salt, to taste
– Bay leaves
– Fresh parsley and dill

Cut lamb into large pieces, add cold water, bring to a boil.
Add an onion and a carrot, spices, bay leaves, salt to taste and cook on low heat for 40-50 minutes.
Meanwhile chop the remaining onions and fry them.
Cut meat into small pieces.
Strain the broth from the spices and onions, bring it to a boil again and boil the noodles for beshbarmak in it.
When noodles are ready, put them in a plate, add meat, fried onions, fresh parsley and dill. Separately in a bowl, serve hot broth, also with parsley and dill.