Lasagna originated in Emilia-Romagna (an administrative region in Northeast Italy) during the Middle Ages, but later this dish became popular, not only in Italy but also throughout the world.

For the first time the recipe of lasagna was recorded in the early 14th century in the Liber de Coquina (“The book of cooking”). This original recipe slightly resembled the traditional form of lasagna, featuring boiled and sprinkled with cheese and spices thin sheets of dough.

Interesting fact: back then Europeans didn’t know about tomatoes, so they didn’t use them in the recipes.

Later, lasagna was made of a certain number of layers of thin dough topped with a meat stew and Parmesan cheese, and then cooked in a kiln.

Over the years lasagna became such a popular dish that there is even a National Lasagna Day, which is celebrated annually on July 29th.