Top 5 Ukrainian Drinks

Ukrainian cuisine is not only rich in mouthwatering food, but it also offers a wide spectrum of delicious beverages.
The top 5 must-try Ukrainian drinks are as follows:

1. Kysil is a delicious sweet viscous drink made with fruits or berries and thickened with starch. It is served both hot and chilled.

2. Uzvar is a Ukrainian refreshing soft drink made of dried fruits, usually apples and prunes. Usually it’s served in winter, especially on Christmas.

3. Horilka is an alcoholic beverage. It’s usually distilled from grain, though it also can be distilled from potatoes, sugar beets, honey, etc., and is with about 40 percent of alcohol by volume.

4. Medovukha is a honey-based alcoholic beverage made of honey, water, yeast and spices. Its alcoholic content varies from about 5% to 20%, depending on a production method.

5. Nalyvka is homemade low-alcoholic beverages made with berries or fruits.