Russian cuisine is a diverse and hearty cuisine that reflects the country’s geography and history. Due to the long cold winters, many traditional Russian dishes are hearty and warming. Some popular dishes include:
Blini – thin pancakes made from buckwheat or wheat flour, served with sour cream, caviar, or jam.
Pelmeni – small boiled or fried dumplings filled with minced meat, mushrooms, or potatoes, served with sour cream or butter.
Shchi – a cabbage soup that can be made with meat or vegetarian, often served with sour cream or rye bread.
Beef Stroganoff – tender beef strips cooked in a creamy mushroom sauce, served with mashed potatoes or buckwheat.
Olivier salad – a potato salad with peas, carrots, boiled eggs, pickles, and mayonnaise, often served on New Year’s Eve.
Kasha – a porridge made from buckwheat, served sweet or savory with butter, sour cream, or milk.
Pirozhki – small baked or fried buns filled with meat, potatoes, mushrooms, or cheese.
Caviar – a luxury food made from sturgeon roe, often served on toast points or blini with sour cream.
Overall, Russian cuisine is a fusion of traditional Slavic recipes with influences from neighboring countries such as China, Mongolia, and the Middle East. It’s a cuisine that nourishes the body and soul, with an emphasis on hearty, comforting foods that are perfect for cold winter days.