Deruny, or potato pancakes, are a classic Ukrainian dish, made of grated raw potatoes.

– 5 medium size potatoes
– 1 onion
– 1 egg
– 3 tbsp of all purpose flour
– 1 tbsp of sour cream
– Salt and pepper, to taste
– Oil, for frying

Cooking Instructions:
1. Peel potatoes and an onion.
2. Take a big bowl and grate potatoes and an onion on the star shaped grater.
3. Add flour, egg, sour cream and mix it well, than add 1 tsp of salt and some black pepper. Mix well.
4. Warm up a skillet 2-3 tbsp of oil over medium/high heat.
5. Add 1 tbsp of mixture at a time to the skillet fry on one side until golden brown, then flip to other side.
6. Serve deruny warm with sour cream.