Mojito is a world-famous cocktail, originated in Havana, Cuba. It’s made of 5 simple ingredients: white rum, sugar cane juice or white sugar, lime juice, soda water and mint.
Mojito is considered to be the most popular rum-based highballs.
To make a mojito, fresh lime juice is added to mint leaves and sugar cane juice or white sugar. Then this mixture is muddled until mint leaves release the essential oils. After this, the rum is added to the sweet lime-mint mixture, briefly stirring to dissolve the sugar. Finally, crushed ice and sparkling sods water are added. For garnish, mint leaves and lime wedges are used.
There are several variations of Mojito. For example, strawberry mojito made with muddled strawberries, Rose Mojito made with rose-flavored spirit, Virgin Mojito or Nojito made without alcohol, Mojito de toronja made with grapefruit, Mojito de maracuyá made with passion fruit, Mojito Blanco made with tequila instead of rum, etc.